The Complete Life OS Notion Template

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πŸš€ How I stay on top of it all. This Notion template includes every key database and dashboard I use to plan, manage, and track my goals, activities, and social life, including:

Timelines to plan your weeks, months, etc. and reflect on your progress.

  • Databases: Daily Journal, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly

Actions to map out your values, mission, goals, and what's needed to accomplish them.

  • Dashboards: Today Action Dash, Task Focus, Waiting On, Admin Actions
  • Databases: Goals, Objectives, Projects, Tasks, Bucket List
  • Page: Manifesto

Practices to track things that build up day by day.

  • Databases: Health & Wellness Tracker, Reading List, Habits, Skills, Dream Journal

Relationship building tools to keep up with contacts

  • Dashboard: Relationship Builder's Rolodex
  • Databases: People, Organizations, Locations, Events & Outings

This template comes with 1 page, 3 primary dashboards, 3 secondary dashboards, and 24 databases.

*As you receive instant access to this template and since this is a digital product, it is not returnable and the purchase is non-refundable. It’s your responsibility to ensure your comfort with Notion.

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Yearly Goal Planning & Review
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Health & Wellness Tracker
Manifesto Page, Bucket List, Dream Journal
Task Focus Dashboards
Events & Outings Database


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The Complete Life OS Notion Template

3 ratings
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