The Ultimate Notion To-Do List Template

Ahsante Bean
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Manage your habits, tasks, projects, and daily reminders all in one place. 

This ultimate to-do list includes a dashboard to view only what's relevant right now, and three databases (habits, tasks, and projects) to give you a big picture perspective.

πŸŽ₯ Video walkthrough here: 

Features include:

  • Estimate hours needed for each task to get an automatic sum of what's on your plate today

  • Template pages within project database to view complete and incomplete related tasks

  • View upcoming tasks by general timeframe or exact date you plan to complete them

  • Map out tasks to be completed on each day of the week

  • Use template buttons to easily add small daily tasks and recurring tasks

  • Review and reflect on tasks done this week and items you're waiting on

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*As you receive instant access to this template and since this is a digital product, it is not returnable and the purchase is non-refundable. It’s your responsibility to ensure your comfort with Notion.

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