Yearly Planning & Review Notion Template

Ahsante Bean
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🎯 Get clear on your goals, set personal intentions, and make this your best year yet!

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This template includes linked databases and template pages that allow you to:

  • Create your year, brainstorm your aspirations and intentions, and break down the year into quarters and months
  • Map out your goals, the objectives and habits needed to reach those goals, and the projects needed to reach those outcomes
  • Assign your goals, objectives, and projects to particular times of year
  • Track your reading throughout the year, and connect reading to outcomes (Includes Reading Book List!)
  • Reflect on each month, quarter, and on the year as a whole, within each page.

The template includes 9 databases, already linked up for you:

  • Timelines: Yearly, Quarterly, Monthly
  • Action: Goals, Objectives, Projects
  • Practices: Habits, Skill Building, Reading Book List

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*As you receive instant access to this template and since this is a digital product, it is not returnable and the purchase is non-refundable. It’s your responsibility to ensure your comfort with Notion.

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Yearly Planning & Review Notion Template

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